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Current Fundraising Progress

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$5.096 million raised out of a total goal of $5.2 million.

Buy A Brick - Pave The Way for the Kilton Public Library!

Need to find the perfect gift for someone?  Have a brick engraved!  Support your new Kilton library and honor your family, teacher, relative, that special someone.

The outdoor courtyard and children's reading areas will be paved with bricks that are available for engraving.  This is a wonderful way to support the Kilton Public Library and to honor and celebrate your family and friends! 

- July 10, 2010 - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME AND HELPED US MOVE!! WE SINCERELY APPRECIATE IT! - especially the good people at Pressure Cooker Pros and Reviews!


See recent photos of the building progress on our Construction Photos page

At seven o'clock in the evening, on the last day of the year 1869, citizens of West Lebanon met in the Main Street home of James and Sarah Hubbard to form the West Lebanon Library Association. Their aim was to establish a town center that would house a library collection for the people of the area.

It took a full forty years for that dream to be realized. The West Lebanon Free Library was finally built and opened to the public in 1909. Now, nearly one hundred forty years later, we seek to rekindle that same public spirit and dedication to build a new library for the City of Lebanon. Once again it is time to invest in the community.

Join us in building the Kilton Public Library.

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